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Fairy Tail 2 is announced for PS4 and PS5 and arrives this year



After four years, the Fairy Tail anime will return to video games. During this Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct (18), Koei Tecmo announced the launch of Fairy Tail 2 for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title will be available later this year.

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According to the publisher, major changes will be implemented in the game. Among them is the possibility of playing with other members of the guild, instead of just with Natsu and Lucy.

Fairy Tail 2 will also feature improved 3D graphics, improved combat, a vast explorable map, and an arcade mode based on the stories of several characters. Finally, an original campaign, titled “The Key to Hidden Secrets”, is confirmed.

Watch the game’s announcement trailer below:

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Read the game description below, according to a statement from Koei Tecmo (via Gematsu):

Fairy Tail 2 brings fans back to the epic action of the original series’ climax, the Alvarez Empire Arc.

In this new title, players will not only be able to control Natsu and Lucy as main characters, but also other guild members to defeat their greatest enemy, Zeref, the Spriggan Emperor of the Alvarez Empire, who is protected by Spriggan 12 and the Black Dragon, Acnologia .

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