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Fall Guys-style Sonic game will be called Sonic Toys Party



Apparently, the rumor about a Fall Guys-style Sonic game was true. After the famous leaker Midori, on the account @MbKKssTBhz5 on the social networkto bring this information first hand, the website Insider Gaming, also very reliable, looked for more information and discovered the name of the game: Sonic Toys Party.

Tom Henderson, journalist who created the page, revealed that he had watched gameplay videos (under the condition of not republishing them), and they showed a little bit of what the experience will be like. There will be competitions for up to 32 players, with iconic characters such as Sonic, Tales, Shadow, Knuckles, Eggman, Amy and Metal.

“Some matches require players to race to the end, collect rings, or simply survive to the end. The golden rings apparently play a vital role in the game's cosmetics, where they will be used to unlock chests that include new costumes, emoji packs (displayed above the character's head), dances, tracks, emotes and more,” explains Henderson.

The game, however, should only be released on mobile devices – with Android and iOS.

Sonic has already collaborated with Fall Guys

A Fall Guys-style Sonic game would be the completion of a cycle, as Fall Guys has already had a collaboration with the Sega mascot before. The indie game that began its success on the PS5 offered some character skins in 2022. We still don't have official confirmations about the game, but a previous leak already indicated plans to take this iconic blue hedgehog to a new game for smartphones.

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