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Fallen Dynasty surpasses five million players



More than five million players. Team Ninja announced that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty managed to surpass this incredible popularity mark. A very relevant number that shows how the genre still manages to be quite successful, even though it is a completely new intellectual property.

The game creates an unprecedented story and shines in gameplay that is different from the formulaic beat. In fact, the title is closer to hack and slash gameplay with an emphasis on parrying and combinations of spells + attacks.

“Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is more than just a new option for soulslike lovers, it's practically mandatory,” says the review. MyPS about the game.

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Wo Long sequel not in the plans

Despite the success, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are not planning to release a sequel to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The person who confirms this is Masakazu Hirayama, producer and director of the game, in an interview with the Touch Arcade website. According to Hirayama, Team Ninja has already delivered everything through DLCs and expansions in recent months. Read more here.

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