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Fan adds skills from Dragon Ball Sparking Zero in video; watch!



Imagine bringing together all of Dragon Ball Sparking Zero’s special attacks in just one video. YouTuber STORM MASTER managed to accomplish this feat and compiled the moves shown in the latest previews and gameplay reveals in a single place for fans of the franchise to enjoy.

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He simply watched most of the previews and official videos released on the networks and organized everything by characters and transformation. That’s right, you’ll watch Goku in his various forms breaking opponents with his blows. The same treatment was given to others like Vegeta and Gogeta, for example. Check out:


As you may have noticed, many references to the anime and manga were inserted by the creators. For example, the Fighting Tournament arena empties when things go too far in combat, with the host hiding for their lives and more.

Another highlight is Mr. Satan, who despite delivering all his power and not being able to fly, barely damages his opponents in battle. Dragon Ball Sparking Zero seems to be a love letter to fans of the franchise, don’t you agree? It will come out for PS5, Xbox Series and PC on October 11th.


Dragon Ball Sparking Zero promises exciting, high-speed fights

We played Dragon Ball Sparking Zero at Summer Game Fest and we can say that this experience was very beneficial. Players will experience fast-paced and exciting gameplay when it launches. Check it out by clicking here!

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