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Farmagia brings “monster farm” to PS5 in November



Aimed at the “harvesting” of monsters and action, Farmagia had a new trailer released at Nintendo Direct this Tuesday (18). In addition to the Nintendo Switch version, editions for PS5 and PC are also confirmed to arrive on November 1st.

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Publisher XSEED and developer Marvelous are behind the projects. In gameplay, in addition to taking care of a garden of creatures, you command your horde of monsters in battle against dragons and other mythical enemies of varying sizes. Check out:

In the world of Felicidad, farmers known as Farmagia create and command monsters, who live in harmony under the watchful eye of the Magus Diluculum. This peace brought prosperity to the land until the death of the Magus, which attracted opportunists who sought to use monsters to seize power for themselves. Growing conflict reaches the city of Centvelt, forcing resident Ten and his friends to join the battle against the new ruler, Glaza.

More about Farmagia gameplay

Farmagia brings many other new features and in a press release the details disclosed were as follows:

  • Command a Horde of Monsters in Battle – Control Ten as he fights his way through the dangerous lands of Felicidad, culminating in massive boss battles. His weapons are the monsters he creates on his farm. He commands his army of creatures and defeats his enemies!
  • Monster Breeding and Cultivation – Increase the size of Ten’s army by cultivating new monsters on your farm, then train them on your ranch to increase their strength and research new skills for use in battle.
  • Touch of an Iconic Manga Artist – Hiro Mashima’s creative genius brings Felicidad to life with unique character and monster designs, endowing Farmagia with his unmistakable style.
  • Friends with benefits – Make friends with the Elemental Spirits living in the world of Felicidad and increase Ten’s relationship bonds to unlock new monsters and ultimate transformations, adding new strength to your fight against Glaza.

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