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FF VII Rebirth event date and time



A new State of Play is approaching and it's time to sharpen the Buster Sword! If you're excited for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the remake of the classic RPG, you can't miss Tuesday's event (6).

There will be 20 minutes of exclusive gameplay, showing the game's new features and improvements to lovers of the saga firsthand. PlayStation promised to share some surprises with fans — one more reason to stay tuned for the conference.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is one of the most anticipated games of 2024 and promises to bring a new experience for fans of the franchise. With graphics made to stand out on the PS5, dynamic combat and an exciting story, the game is a tribute to the 1997 original.

If you want to see the new State of Play with all of this in action, stay tuned:

  • Date and time – State of Play will be broadcast on Tuesday, February 6th at 8:30 pm Brasília time.
  • Where to watch — you can follow the PlayStation event on YouTube, TikTok and Twitch.

Final Fantasy VII RebirthFinal Fantasy VII Rebirth

State of Play may have Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo

The new State of Play may have “some surprises”, as said by Sony. According to the PlayStation Game Size account, a demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth would already be hidden on PSN for release. Look here!

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