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FF7 Rebirth director was inspired by Ghost of Tsushima



Ghost of Tsushima was one of the inspirations for FF7 Rebirth. RPG director Naoki Hamaguchi explained that the progression and division of the Tsushima island map in Jin Sakai's adventure served as a good basis for how his game's areas would be organized.

In an interview with Rappler, Hamaguchi-san highlighted that the formula used by Sucker Punch is great for defining space and time.


“We had a little Ghost of Tsushima as inspiration. Because in that game, there are two sections, the top and the bottom. And the upper part becomes available as you progress through the story. This kind of gave an idea of ​​how to define the space, like how big the world map will be,” he said.

The Witcher 3 was also used as a reference by the developers of FF7 Rebirth. If Tsushima helped fix the map, Geralt's journey shaped the way it was populated.


“And then, the content to be placed within the map, The Witcher 3 does a really good job with that. Having the secondary content in these areas to serve as a way to portray character development and getting to know each character in this area, I kind of had Witcher 3 as inspiration for Rebirth. So, secondary content and those parts, Witcher 3 was a big inspiration,” he added.

Finally, the long-awaited FF7 Rebirth is now available for PS5.


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