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FFXIV and FFXVI crossover images show Torgal and more



The crossover between FFXIV and FFXVI will take place on April 2nd and Square Enix has already been preparing the ground for multiplayer. The new images released by the publisher show the clothes inspired by Clive Rosfield, the pussy Torgal and many other new features that will be in Final Fantasy XIV.

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To start the event, you need to find the Adventurer Neophyte who is located in Ul'Dah Steps of Nald at coordinates X:8.8 and Y:9.8. The boy has blonde hair and appears in light clothes, as you can see below:

The NPC required to start the event.

Let's talk about the rewards? Players will be able to redeem clothes inspired by Clive Rosfield, such as a black overcoat with red details. Furthermore, there are variations of clothing with secondary colors, such as blue and white.

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The dog Torgal will also be in multiplayer as a mount and a miniature. It will be possible to explore the giant multiplayer on the animal's back and also place it as a mini-companion for other activities.

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