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FIFA 97 composer recalls hilarious musical Easter egg



John Motson, late BBC commentator, was chosen to give the voice in English for the FIFA franchise, between the 1996 and 2005 editions. However, it was in FIFA 97 that he stood out, for inserting a hilarious and memorable Easter egg for older fans on the game's soundtrack.

In an interview with Time Extension, composer Robert Bailey, from Electronic Arts, explained how the memorable track “Motty's Rap” was created. According to him, the audio combined electronic music from the time with several loose phrases that Motson said behind the scenes of the game.


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With that, Bailey met with the commentator to create an original song in the game, which would only be possible to play through the FIFA 97 disc on a CD Player or on the SEGA Saturn's audio player. Thus, one of the franchise's biggest Easter eggs came to life.


We recorded a bunch of Easter egg things that most players have never encountered and I gave him all these absolutely stupid things to say, like, 'Don't you ever wash those socks?' And things like that.

I also wrote a song called “Motty's rap” and it was a terribly cheesy beat with some guitar and then we captured all the stupidest lines that John said and put it into the song. I wish I had a copy now because it's really, really funny.

Easter egg in FIFA 97 was intentional

Bailey commented that nothing went unnoticed for Electronic Arts and everything that appeared in its games was intentional. Thus, even before the final version began development, the quality department approved “Motty's Rap” and decided to implement it into the soundtrack.


Believe me, nothing is hidden in a product like FIFA! (Our executive producer) Bruce McMillan loves Easter eggs, and this one was definitely approved!

Check out the song in full below (via DRCstim):


Do you remember this legendary musical track? Leave your answer in the comments!

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