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Final Fantasy IX Remake appears in alleged Epic Store leak



Final Fantasy IX Remake has been the subject of speculation for a long time, and it looks like the latest data leak from the Epic Games Store will add even more fuel to the fire. The supposed updated port of Square Enix’s RPG appeared amidst the leaks and it caught attention.

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A website called EpicDB, which works in a similar way to SteamDB for Steam, has revealed many “mysterious files” and FF IX Remake is supposedly among them. On this server, the project would be hidden under the codename MOMO.

What is the connection between MOMO and Final Fantasy IX Remake? Square Enix’s own records linked to extra products such as the Thief’s Knives pre-order DLC and the Tetra Master Starter Pack DLC, the strongest track of all. In RPG lore, Tetra Master is the name of a card minigame.

Final Fantasy IX remakeFinal Fantasy IX remake

Epic confirms that information has been released, but Final Fantasy IX Remake is still a rumor!

After all this repercussion, the WCCFTech website managed to contact Epic Games. A representative from the publisher basically confirmed that the company is aware of this breach and has already released an update to cover up the other data:

We have released an update so that third-party tools cannot display new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalog.

However, it’s important to note that many of these Epic listings indicate dates for the year 2023 and may no longer be accurate regarding the final release. Furthermore, Square Enix has never officially confirmed that it is preparing a project around this adventure, at least so far.

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