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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth discs in Japan contain printing error



In Japan and some regions of Asia, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has already been released and many consumers have the game in their hands. But the physical media didn't turn out as they should and this may have scared the players. When printing the blu-ray, Sony reversed the data disc with the installation disc.

It turns out that, like the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West, also delivered on two discs, there is a specific blu-ray for installing the data, and another just for running the application on the console. The order of art prints has been changed, and their functions may cause some confusion.

The case caught the attention of the networks and the official Final Fantasy VII Rebirth page in Japan promptly alerted consumers:

We have confirmed that, in the disc version of the game FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH (on two discs), an error occurred in the manufacturing process carried out by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This resulted in discrepancies between the information printed on disc labels and the actual content stored on them.

This way, players only need to insert disc 2 to install and insert disc 1 to play:

  • Disc 1: Label says 'Game Disc', but contents are 'Data Disc'.
  • Disc 2: Label says 'Data Disc', but contents are 'Game Disc'.

Final Fantasy VII and image of Cloud with physical media games in the background

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has an almost perfect rating on Famitsu: 38/40

Of the four analysts from the famous Japanese magazine Famitsu, three gave it a 10 and one gave it an 8 in the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review. The result was almost 40 perfect points. See more information by clicking here!

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