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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fans comment on the moogle's new look



Conceived as a cute creature in the Final Fantasy franchise, the Moogle doesn't seem to have pleased fans as much after the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. With a more realistic look, the character is considered “scary” by the Japanese public and has caused a certain strangeness.

The Moogles were redesigned for the new game and now resemble koalas. In theory, this shouldn't become something so uncomfortable, but several players took to social media to clarify the reasons that make the characters “cursed”.

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In response to a post by “Genki_JPN” on X, internet users agree that there was a big shock with the initial presentation of the creature in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In clearer terms, it would be like seeing someone's online profile, meeting them in real life and realizing they are not the same person.

FF7 Rebirth's moogle has been trending in Japan, with users saying it looks super scary! Some people are comparing it to the one in FF16 and saying it's like the one in the online profile picture versus the one in real life!

I follow Japanese and American people here, and I love how both cultures agree that the Rebirth moogle looks cursed.

Another detail mentioned by internet users would be the rodent tooth. This element would make the character even more expressive, surpassing the more static and minimalist versions of previous games in terms of concept.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available for PS5.

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