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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Platinum will have difficulty trophy



Anyone who wants to get Final Fantasy VII Rebirth platinum can now plan a few hours of dedication. The game's trophy list bears similarities to that of Final Fantasy VII Remake and not only requires completing the campaign on difficult, but complete exploration of the game.

According to a report from Insider Gaming (link with spoilers), the title will contain a total of 61 trophies, 1 platinum, 1 gold, 5 silver and 54 bronze. The vast majority are related to the end of chapters, use of skills, side missions and information collected throughout the world.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth platinum will require players to complete the campaign on difficult. If the mode is similar to the previous game, the more challenging experience prevents the recovery of MP in resting places and the use of healing items.

The title will apparently include missable trophies involving some activities around the world. As Square Enix had already suggested an offer of more than 100 hours of content, many missions and events must be carried out while engaging in Cloud and his friends' adventure.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29th for PS5. Pre-sales of physical media can now be made on Amazon Brazil, with free shipping and a guaranteed lowest price.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth State of Play will be 20 minutes long

During this week's State of Play, Sony confirmed that it will stream a Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event on February 6th. The showcase will last 20 minutes and should introduce a series of news about the game. Click here to learn more.

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