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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth receives graphical and fps improvements



Square Enix has just released update 1,020 for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Among the highlights, the company says it was Improved frame rate and overall game stabilityin addition to also ensuring that it was improved graphics quality. Despite being somewhat generic, both are very positive news, right?

And the company also listed other slightly more specific changes, such as bug fixes, camera repositioning and adjustments to the displays of information and texts in the game's local data.

Check out the patch notes:

  • Fixed typos and omissions in some text.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred on the map under certain conditions when controlling a character.
  • Fixed a bug in battle where Red XIII's “High Lunatic” and “Spirit of the Watcher” skills could be easily canceled.
  • Fixed a bug in battle where enemies would stop moving under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a progress bug that occurred during missions under certain conditions.
  • Improved frame rate and overall game stability.
  • Added “Sharpness” and “Smoothness” options to Performance Mode display settings.
  • Improved the quality of graphics.
  • The reverse camera setting is now applied when controlling a sliding Chocobo.
  • The reverse camera setting is now applied to the precision shooting minigame camera.
  • Improved support during ivy climbing in the “Mithril Mine” location.
  • Added difficulty settings to the customization screens of the “Fort Condor” and “Gears and Gambiarras” minigames.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available for PS5. Purchase your physical media with free shipping, promotional price and interest-free installment options on your credit card through this link.

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