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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have incredible gameplay; look here!



Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's gameplay will have much more action in addition to the hunt for Sephiroth, which promises to be the main objective of Cloud's group. The adventure will have a lot of exploration and breathtaking scenes for fans to fully enjoy the RPG immersion.

Square Enix confirmed that, after leaving Midgar, the characters will head to a region called The Grasslands. The world will be quite vast and will be divided into:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (1)Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (1)

  • The Grasslands — Where everything will begin after the escape from Midgard. This region is south of Midgar;
  • Junon — In Junon, a base with a lot of Shinra military strength;
  • Corel — Near the Costa del Sol, this area will take players to the Gold Saucer, an entertainment area similar to that district in Remake where Cloud dressed up as a woman to dance;
  • Gongaga — A tribute to Zack's birthplace and a place where you can see a destroyed Mako reactor;
  • Cosmo Canyon — Here players will learn more about the Lifestream and return to the roots of Red XIII;

Lots of exploration so far, right? It's not over, no. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will also be full of minigames, many of them new, such as the card game called Queen's Blood.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be a cinematic experience

The charm of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be the connection that the game creates between characters and players. The group bonded throughout the journey and Aerith will leave several clues for Cloud about what the future holds.

To keep all of this right, Square Enix used textures far superior to those seen in the remake, maintaining high-quality loading and 30 FPS and 60 FPS modes. And the final seasoning? The soundtracks remade especially for this crucial moment in history will draw attention. Check out the full video:

Did you enjoy learning more about the gameplay? See the other trailer released at State of Play here!

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