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Final Fantasy VII Remake has changed ending after patch



Square Enix quietly released a surprise update for Final Fantasy VII Remake last Monday (26), but until then, players had only seen changes to the credits and Tifa's look (in her Nibelheim flashback). The community didn't stop there and discovered another significant change in the RPG's outcome.

Beware of spoilers from this point on!

Aerith facing the camera with her green eyes and a series of colorful fireworks and explosives in the background - Final Fantasy VII Remake

In the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Aerith and Cloud face destiny and a scene shows the memory of Cloud being carried by Zack. After this scene occurred, Aerith looked up at the sky and said, “That iron sky. I missed him.” Now, she says the following: “This sky… I don’t like it.”

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As people haven't yet had access to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it's difficult to imagine what this actually means. Anyone who played the original game knows how fate will end up placing Aerith impaled on Sephiroth's sword. This scene, in fact, seems to be one of the most anticipated by fans.

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