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Final Fantasy VIII director would change battle system



If Final Fantasy VIII is remade in the future, the battle system should be one of the biggest changes compared to the original game. Yoshinori Kitase, director of the PS1 game, considers the Junction mechanic to be inaccessible and regrets having offered a challenging feature.

For those who don't remember, the Junction system allowed heroes' stats to combine with magic through Guardian Forces. This granted access to a superior method of progression that went beyond leveling and upgrading weapons and offered superhuman capabilities.

According to Kitase (via VGC), the tool was poorly explained, especially as it contains a complicated customization feature. As it depended on other assignments, players often didn't discover the “best way” to balance character statuses.

I think you remember that we had the Junction system in Final Fantasy VIII, and the problem with it was that enemies leveled up based on the player's level. Obviously you had to use it and customize it to overcome the challenges.

And I think it was a very difficult system for some people to get into. Depending on the players' skills, sometimes they just couldn't figure out the best way to do it.

So I think I would like to go back, rework the battle system in Final Fantasy VIII and make it something where the level of difficulty and accessibility for some fans is much more balanced. So I think that's what I would look for most if I wanted to remake it.

Although this information sounds positive for those hoping for a remake of the game, the director did not confirm that he was planning a more ambitious project. According to him, it would be “such a huge investment of time and effort that we really have to think long and hard before taking it on”.

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