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Final Fantasy XIV supporters are staging a strike



The Dawntrail expansion has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV and supports seem to have been left aside by the community. Apparently, players have completed some important dungeons without the help of healers and this has caused a whole uprising on the internet.

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It all started when a content creator called Xeno showed the first dungeon of the chapter being completed only with tanks and a lot of damage, without the presence of support characters. The mission was not complicated and they managed to pass the test without major challenges.

Soon after the great repercussion of the video published on YouTube, several people raised the tag #FFXIVHEALERSTRIKE. The class asks for the content to be interesting enough for all players after feeling neglected by the fact.

This “strike” led by healers aims to draw Square Enix’s attention to the way in which this content is being delivered in Final Fantasy XIV. After all, many classes have self-healing and protection abilities, reducing the priority of calling dedicated support for the group.

Whose side are you on in this fight?

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