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Final Fantasy XVI actor reveals recording of his last speech



Ben Starr, voice actor for Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy XVI, shared a video recording his last line for the RPG's protagonist. Apparently, the content was made for the DLC The Rising Tide, scheduled for this year.

The video below doesn't show any lines of dialogue, so don't worry about spoilers. Apparently, Starr's performance could be from a moment of combat or even a time when Clive lets out a war cry.

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My last “speech” as Clive Rosfield.

It is worth remembering that voice actors do not always record their lines according to the sequence of events in the narrative. There are days when professionals go to the studio just to do combat scenes or just dialogue with other characters. In this case, it appears that the actor was filming combat scenes.

Clive actor in Final Fantasy XVI would love to reprise the role

On another occasion, Ben Starr highlighted how important Clive Rosfield's role in Final Fantasy XVI was to his life. He claims to have a “personal connection” with the character and would love to reprise the role at other times. Know more!

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