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Finally! Sony is testing new features on PS5 Explore



The PS5's Explore tab, finally, could get a new look – more functional, full of relevant options and even including background customization. Apparently, Sony is beta testing the changes, releasing them to some players, and the first reports are starting to appear – like this very complete video from influencer Mystic.

New widgets have been added, the layout is more sober and, in addition, it is possible to change the background image, but only within some presets already available, without the option to upload images using a USB drive, for example. Either way, it's a very necessary and interesting update.

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“Previously this screen was filled with game news (aka ads) and then we had an update that included widget-like tiles for your friends and trophies. But now they've expanded on that and added more useful widgets like battery, storage, and friend activity indicators. You can even change the background of the Explore tabs to a dynamic wallpaper!” he said.

Check out the video below:

For now, Sony has not yet made any announcement about the update to the PS5's user interface.

PS5 received update, but players still want other functions

PS5 patch 9.00 has arrived, and players can now enjoy a series of improvements promised by PlayStation, such as improvements to DualSense, Screen Sharing and more. However, there are still some features that fans have been asking for since the console's launch and have not been made available.

As highlighted by DualShockers, the main requests are themes, for customizing the console, and folders, for organizing games in the menu. The first responses to post from PlayStation announcing the news were all in this sense. Read more by clicking here.

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