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first batch of tickets starts selling



After the special batch of Gamescom Latam tickets ended in just 20 minutes, the event organizers started selling the first batch of tickets for the 2024 edition. Tickets can now be purchased through the official website, with prices starting at R$75.

The credentials allow visitors to access the São Paulo Expo facilities between June 26th and 30th. For the general public, tickets include daily admission, a package for the four days of the event and a social modality to help the accessibility institution AbleGamers Brasil.

Check out more details of each plan below (via Gamescom Latam):

  • Full Entrance: The full modality ticket is the common ticket for the event, anyone can purchase it without any conditions or proof imposed.
  • Social Ticket: The Social ticket can also be purchased by anyone, however it is linked to the condition of a donation of R$10.00 to a charity institution (this year the one chosen was AbleGamers Brazil), under this condition, the ticket has a lower value than the Entire ticket. The donation amount is mandatory and is already linked to the final ticket price.
  • Half Price Ticket: The Half Entry ticket can only be purchased by those who are entitled to this benefit, this must be proven upon entry to the event. The following are entitled to this benefit: Students, Adults aged 60 or over, PWD – People with Disabilities (PWD) and/or People with Special Needs (PNE); Low Income Young People and Some public education positions in the State of São Paulo.
Gamescom Latam
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Gamescom Latam opens registrations for the Business sector

Furthermore, anyone who wants to participate in Gamescom Latam to boost their business can reserve their space. The period aimed at entrepreneurs takes place between the 26th and 31st of June and will provide options for online and in-person conversations, as well as a VIP cocktail party.

To find out more about general tickets and business participation, simply visit the event's official website.

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