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Five new PlayStation games are revealed by Sony



Sony has revealed five new PlayStation games that are in development as part of the India Hero Project. The titles will take players on cultural adventures and will be available for PS5, PS VR2 and PC.

The news was presented during the first conference with studios in India. Discover the titles confirmed for Sony's new generation platforms below and discover how they promise to incorporate innovation and local narrative in different genres of the virtual market.

Discover the new games for PlayStation

Meteora: The Race Against Space Time (PS5, PS VR2 and PC)

In this arcade racing game, you take on the role of a meteor and compete to outrun, chase and destroy other rocks in a dynamic universe. Harness the power of the cosmos, hone your skills and climb the leaderboards in this experience planned for PlayStation 5, PS VR2 and PC.

Meteora: The Race Against Space Time
Source: Big Boot Games

Fishbowl (PS5 and PC)

Fishbowl is a slice-of-life narrative that explores themes of grief, connection, and self-discovery in the cultural landscape of urban India — all with a pixel aesthetic and original soundtrack by Lofi.

The story follows the aspirations of Alo, who starts his first job in a new city while working from home. His decisions shape the journey, while revealing moments from the past and demanding acceptance of the present throughout a month of challenges and discoveries. The title arrives soon.

Source: immissmyfriends

Mukti (PS5 and PC)

First-person story exploration game set in an Indian museum, Mukti addresses the critical issue of human trafficking. Players will visit the halls of a richly detailed gallery, uncovering hidden truths about the scourge of criminal activity.

The game will invite audiences to confront the realities of this urgent global issue, using authentic narratives and well-researched historical contexts to raise awareness, provoke reflection and inspire action. It is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Source: Underdogs Studio

Requital: Gates of Blood (PS5 and PC)

One of the new games for PlayStation, Requital: Gates of Blood is a 2D action platformer inspired by Egyptian mythology and set in the underworld of Duat.

In the adventure, players take on the role of Zahrah and must defeat powerful guardians — gods, demons and beasts — in intense encounters and in a universe of dark and distorted hand-drawn realms.

Requital: Gates of Blood
Source: Holy Cow Productions

Suri: The Seventh Note (PS5 and PC)

Expected to arrive soon on PS5 and PC, Suri: The Seventh Note is a 2D action and exploration game with narratives inspired by Indian mythology and a very characteristic visual aesthetic. The adventure promises to incorporate rhythmic elements to propose the “pulse of the universe”.

Suri: The Seventh Note
Source: Tathvamasi

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