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Flaws in the Stellar Blade DEMO? Turn on TV Game Mode



The Stellar Blade DEMO is now available for download, and if players encounter minor performance issues in the content, turning on the TV's Game Mode may be a solution.

The game's official account on X made a post to recommend TV Game Mode in order to guide players who are noticing defects, such as commands that take a long time to respond.

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If you notice that your controls are slow to respond, we recommend activating the TV's “Game Mode”. The response will be more immediate.

As much as the tip is valid as it reduces input delays and improves image processing, some comments in the publication suggest that, in fact, players are finding it difficult to overcome the challenges and find the right time to attack or defend.

Some comments pointed out that the time window for Parry “is too short and needs to be balanced” while others pointed out that not all players have a TV with Game Mode available.

Stellar Blade has rich gameplay, Eve's beauty, and other highlights

As we highlighted in our preview, the impressions are very positive. Stellar Blade demonstrated good graphical performance, an accelerated start to the story, and many fun gameplay mechanics. Check out our opinion on the beginning of Eve's adventure here!

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