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Foamstars, PS Plus game, will take up less than 13 GB



Foamstars is already roaming the PSN servers and the PlayStation Game Size account has brought an update that interests many. The day one launch of PS Plus this Tuesday (6) will take up less than 13 GB on PS4 and PS5, according to data shared on X (Twitter).

The game is already in version 1.03 and will be released for gameplay within a few hours. As usual, the files vary in size depending on the platform and the title takes up even less space on Sony's current generation console. Check out:

Foamstars (PS4/PS5)

  • Download size on PS4: 12,994 GB
  • Download size on PS5: 12,712 GB

Day one launch on PS Plus. Arrives this Tuesday (6).

Square Enix considers the foam battle game's availability on Sony's service to be a โ€œwin.โ€ As the project depends on community engagement, relying on the PS4 and PS5 player base could be a boost to the launch.

The publisher even reinforces: Foamstars is not Splatoon, another successful party game made by Nintendo. The community has raised many comparisons over the last few months, but the proposal is a little different, according to the publisher.

Foamstars will only have 12 trophies and no platinum

Apparently, completing everything in Foamstars won't be such an arduous task. The game only has 12 trophies and does not include platinum achievement. Find out more details by clicking this link!

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