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For PS4 and PS5, Visions of Mana will arrive at the end of August



Finally, Square Enix has announced the release date for Visions of Mana. The game will make its debut on August 29th and can now be reserved on the PS Store, in PS4 and PS5 editions, with prices starting at R$299.90.

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The news was shared, as promised, in a trailer released by the company on YouTube. In addition to presenting several gameplay scenes, confirmation of the premiere came in style with the video. Check out:

Visions of Mana is a new game in the series that revolves around the holy sword and mana. Protagonist Val and his childhood friend Hinna, the newly named Alm of Fire, set out on a journey to the Mana Tree.

Visions of Mana pre-order

On the PS Store, pre-order bonuses and benefits for each edition are listed below:

Pre-order bonuses:

  • “Brave Blade” weapon for Val.
  • 24 hours early access

Standard Edition — R$ 299.90

  • All pre-order bonuses

Digital Deluxe Edition — R$ 399.50

  • All pre-order bonuses
  • Mana Superstars Costume Set”
    • FINAL FANTASY ADVENTURE: Sumo Costume (Val)
    • Secret of Mana: Popoi Costume (Julei)
    • Trials of Mana: Riesz (Careena) Outfit
    • Legend of Mana: Elazul (Morley) Outfit, Lady Blackpearl (Palamena) Outfit
  • Mana Series BGM Bundle” 26 tracks
    • FINAL FANTASY ADVENTURE — Endless Battlefield, Battle 1, In Search of the Sword of Mana, Battle 2
    • Secret of Mana — Into the Thick of It, Leave Time for Love, The Oracle, Meridian Dance
    • Trials of Mana — Swivel, Powell, Nuclear Fusion, Hightension Wire
    • Legend of Mana — Pain the Universe, Picturesque Landscape, The Darkness Nova, Bejeweled City In Ruins
    • Children of Mana — Wavering Tower of Prayer, The Sublime Lord of Lightning
    • Dawn of Mana — Dark Shrine, Burning Spirits, Reminiscence, Dance of the Fools
    • Heroes of Mana — As the Heart Wills, Such Cruel Fate
    • Rise of Mana — The Drip Drip Drip of Memory, The Enemy Appears

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