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Forever Skies trailer highlights exploration in a world under ruins



Far From Home released a new trailer for Forever Skies to showcase some new gameplay features. The clip features just over a minute of never-before-seen footage and shows how players will explore a world in ruins in the search for survival.

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Throughout the campaign, it would be necessary to prevent an ecological disaster on Earth from taking on even greater proportions. Under the command of an airship, a group of heroes fly, upgrade and customize their base, while acquiring the conditions to understand the emergence of a mysterious disease.

Forever Skies will support co-op for up to four participants. They will have the opportunity to come together to excavate resources, develop research and combat natural threats never imagined in such a prosperous environment. Watch the trailer below:

Forever Skies will be released in 2024 for PS5. The title is available in early access on PC.

Learn more about Forever Skies

Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PS Store:

Forever Skies is a first-person post-apocalyptic survival game.

Play solo or co-op and return to Earth, devastated by an ecological disaster. Build, pilot, improve and customize your high-tech ship. Create tools and collect resources to survive. Face dangers on the surface and hunt viruses to cure a mysterious disease.

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