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Forsaken arrives on PS5 on July 5th



Bringing an open world for those who like to have fun with soulslikes, Bleak Faith: Forsaken finally has a release date. After being released for PC, the title will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series on July 5th, as announced by Perp Games and Archangel Studios.

The title promises to deliver legendary fights against bosses and a lot of versatility with its RPG elements. Not to mention the combat, described as punishing by the game's creators. Check it out below:

More about Bleak Faith: Forsaken

The companies also revealed more details about Bleak Faith: Forsaken in a press release. Check it out below:

  • Open World Exploration: Explore the Omnistructure for the first time. Rich in atmosphere and fraught with danger, be prepared to immerse yourself in a new world you have never been exposed to before. Not every path is easy and adapted for you, so be prepared to run, climb, jump and ascend in Bleak Faith.
  • Hardcore Combat Experience: Combat is dangerous and will challenge you to the limit. Positioning, timing and resource management are elements that the player must keep in mind at all times. Expect to be challenged.
  • Epic Boss Battles: Be prepared for memorable boss battles with unique soundtracks. The bosses raise the level of danger even further and guarantee an exciting experience through the varied sectors of the Omnistructure.
  • Progression, RPG, and Playstyle Versatility: Choose a class and progress to your perfect play style. But remember, not all choices are reversible, so decide wisely in which direction to take your character.

Is there another open-world soulslike you like? If Elden Ring is the answer, find out more information about a beef involving Bleak Faith: Forsaken and FromSoftware's RPG here!

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