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Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 bug leaves players flying constantly



A bug in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 allowed a player to fly and move through the air without using a mobility item.

Fortnite recently experienced a 19-hour outage just before the launch of season two. After several extended periods, players were finally able to dive into the game and get their hands on the latest items, weapons, skins, and more.

One of the notable new features in this chapter is the Wings of Icarus. While not mythic, this utility item allows players to fly and knock enemies to the ground, knocking them down while dealing damage.

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A bug with the Wings of Icarus in Fortnite is driving players crazy

Interesting, less than 24 hours after its introduction in the Battle Royale, Epic decided to weaken it, making its use more difficult in certain situations.

However, due to a bug, a player was apparently able to fly indefinitely after using the wings. This phenomenon was shared in a thread on Reddit, where the player was seen swooping towards the ground with the wings.

To their surprise, their character was stuck in a buggy animation instead of landing on their feet like usual. And during this strange animation, they could move freely in the air.

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“I'm pretty sure I could have kept flying like that for the rest of the game if I had kept flying instead of landing, I didn't want to get reported for cheating lol,” explained the author.

Others in the comments were convinced they would have thought it was cheating if the author hadn't provided context to the situation.

“Very glad to have seen this. If this happens to me, I will know they are not cheaters,” wrote one person, to which another replied: “Yeah my cheater alarm is going to be off for a little while lol.”

Another user pointed out experiencing a similar bug and even made a joke about being in Creative Mode.

On the other hand, some players have claimed that this item may soon be vaulted due to its bugs. Malfunctioning items tend to be vaulted, but for now, the Wings of Icarus are still available in the game, and using them is one of the newer quests.

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