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Fortnite confirms the return of Midas and players are excited



midas fortnite

Fortnite confirms the return of Midas and players are

Epic Games has confirmed that Midas will be making his return, and Fortnite players are extremely excited to see the antagonist back in the game. Here are all the details.

Midas is a powerful enemy in Fortnite, perhaps the most powerful of all. He's been pulling the strings and organizing enemy forces from the shadows since Chapter 1.

And as Epic Games has just confirmed, The Fallen King, cursed by the Golden Touch, will soon make his comeback. This leaves players both terrified of what Midas has planned and extremely excited to see the infamous character return.

Here's everything we currently know about Midas' return to Fortnite.

Midas returns to Fortnite on Tuesday March 19

According to a reliable source in the Fortnite community, @ShiinaBRthe Midas update will be released on Tuesday, March 19.

This update will include a series of exciting new content for players to dive into. There would be new features such as “Mythical Hades, Ground is Lava, and new skins for Midas”.

Also, the players were pleasantly shocked by the news: “ OMG YES!!!! WE WON. That's what I like to see “, said one player. “ THE FORTNITE BOSS COMES BACK!! », exclaimed another player. He was of course referring to the infamous Fortnite character, Midas.

Stay tuned for the release of this Fortnite update, as Dexerto will release all the details. We'll let you know how to get all the amazing new Midas skins and cosmetics.

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