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Fortnite fans ask for improvements to rail maneuvers



Fortnite has become known for implementing new features over the seasons, but not all of them are well received by the community. Among them would be the rail maneuvering mechanic, which has been criticized by players for being not very “intuitive”.

On Reddit, a thread moved players after showing how the grind may be flawed. In a video, user “Haunting-Future-2211” showed that one of the difficulties presented by the movement feature would be jumping.

The discussion was supported by other internet users, who criticized the fact that inconsistencies in rail maneuvers impacted the performance of survivors in the battle royale. As an example, they cited fall damage and the disadvantages for those who use the mechanic in tight situations.

I hate these things
byu/Haunting-Future-2211 inFortNiteBR

You could literally hit the rails of grind superiors in Mega City in the last chapter, jump from them whenever you want and not take fall damage. Now, you get stuck in them and even jumping about 2m to the ground causes fall damage. So stupid.

The flaws in the mechanics became more evident with the debut of Chapter 5 Season 1 of the battle royale. As a result, players are already demanding Epic Games for improvements for the next cycles.

The title is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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