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Fortnite has a trick with a new guitar that few know about



The partnership between Fortnite and Metallica brought an interesting new feature for players in matches called Dominate the Lightning. This special guitar delivers damage to opponents in a stylish way and is highly sought after in confrontations, but there is a way for you to take advantage of the equipment even without having it in hand.

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As reported by internet user Dobbles69, this new combat option activates a kind of trail in the scenario. If you find the point where the jump started, just get closer and the same path taken by the enemy’s guitar owner will be repeated, even causing the area damage promised by the weaponry.

In the description on the Epic website, this function would be limited to your squad only. To prove that this feature also opens gaps for the opposing group, he showed his survivor tearing through the skies of the Island. Check it out below:

In case anyone hasn’t tried. You can ride other people’s lightning trails 🙂
byu/Dobbles69 inFortNiteBR

In case no one has tried. You can throw yourself into other people’s lightning trails.

Master the Lightning can be found in chests or on the floor of the island and can be used both to attack your targets and to find a clever way out. Did you enjoy learning more about this function? Share with your squad!

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