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Fortnite player shares trick to steal Ride the Lightning’s power



Metallica’s Ride the Lightning guitar in Fortnite has received mixed reviews, but this hidden trick might just change players’ minds about it.

Metallica has finally made its debut in Fortnite, bringing way more content than players expected. Chapter 5 Season 3 of the battle royale changed the loot island and introduced the new mythical item, the Ride the Lightning Guitar.

The Mythic Guitar has received mixed reviews, and players are still trying to adjust to the new meta, as the latest update also added new items and brought more out of the vault. Meanwhile, others discover hidden tricks that can change the game when using or countering Ride the Lightning.

Reddit user ‘Dobbles69’ shared a short video of one of his games and revealed that “ You can ride on other people’s lightning trails » after they used the power of the Ride the Lightning guitar.

Metallica’s item is great for escaping sticky situations or taking on many opponents at once, as it launches you into the air and makes you move in unpredictable directions. But, as seen in the author’s video, Ride the Lightning also leaves a trail that resembles the letter M from Metallica for a short while after use.

‘Dobbles69’ showed that you can interact with this trail and use it as a temporary Ride the Lightning, without needing the item in your inventory. This is especially useful in the later stages of the game like the one shown in the clip, where everything becomes chaotic thanks to the current meta favoring armed vehicles.

The Metallica quests will continue until July 1, 2024, so make sure you know how to use Ride the Lightning to complete them all.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to consult the Fortnite section of our site to find out everything about the game and its new season.

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