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Fortnite Players Say This Gun Is The “Best” Gun In The Game



Some Fortnite players have claimed that the Ranger is actually the best Pistol ever introduced to the Battle Royale.

Many popular and powerful weapons have been added to Fortnite since its release many years ago. We think, for example, of the Golden Scar or the Shotgun (which gave birth to the meta “ Double Pump “).

However, there are also some lesser-known weapons that some players think have escaped mainstream attention that are actually incredibly overpowered (or OP).

The Ranger Pistol was added during Season 1 of Chapter 5. It was unique among other guns due to its extremely fast TTK and ability to receive mods. All of this therefore allows it to be almost like an SMG at times.

Players are now realizing that the Ranger Pistol might be the most powerful weapon ever added to Fortnite.

Fortnite Players Realize the Ranger Pistol's Incredible Potential

Fortnite player Spiritual_Alarm_9898 started a major discussion with a bold claim. Indeed, he titled his post: “ This (the Ranger Pistol) is the best gun Fortnite has ever released. Contradict me “.

He then developed his reasoning. “ I know that AR's or even burst SMG are much more reliable, but for me the Pistol simply has the best control and is really nice to use “.

Other Fortnite fans supported the poster. They also agreed that the gun, introduced in Season 1 of Chapter 5, was one of the best weapons. One player said: “ The Ranger pistol is easily one of the best/best traditional pistols we've ever seen “.

However, others disagreed. “ In my opinion and from my experience, the tactical pistol is the best. It was a good replacement for the assault rifle. I'm not sure the current gun is that good. Close, but not identical one person said.

While there is no unanimous decision on the best gun in the game, the variety that Epic Games has offered over the years ensures that players never get bored.

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