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Fortnite will have 1st person mode in 2024



Fortnite will soon receive an addition capable of attracting even more players to its matches. Epic Games revealed, in a State of Unreal live broadcast at GDC 2024, that the first-person camera, speculated for months, will arrive at the end of this year in the battle royale.

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With this addition, you will be able to see more details of the characters and items in your field of vision. An image of the mode was released by Epic in the livestream, check it out below:

First person mode in Fortnite - character with lightningFirst person mode in Fortnite - character with lightning

The first-person camera is just one of the many additions coming to Fortnite this year. Others include proximity chat, text chat, item trading, and custom quests. Many of them we have even seen in other games of the genre, such as Warzone.

Epic Games hasn't revealed all the details about the first-person camera yet, but we hope to learn more about it soon. As usual, this new feature must be included in a separate playlist, and not forced into the game's standard proposal.

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