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FPSVR? Sony would be cutting spending on virtual reality



What started out as something promising seems to be heading towards a melancholy end. Sources from the Android Central website revealed that Sony would be making “deep cuts” to its funding for VR games.

“To preserve anonymity, I will paraphrase, but my source said that there will be very few opportunities for the development of VR games at Sony from now on”, says journalist Nicholas Sutrich, who writes the article on the page.

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To corroborate this information, another source reported that only two PSVR 2 games are currently in development at PlayStation. Given the situation in the gaming industry, with constant layoffs and studio closures, these works may not even get off the ground.

Sony’s roadmap doesn’t have much VR

Last year, the company released just three games for PSVR 2 and has yet to officially announce any top-tier games for the system in 2024, let alone 2025.

Firewall Ultra’s developer, First Contact Entertainment, has since closed. To make matters worse, it closed London Studio in February — the team responsible for one of PSVR’s highest-rated games, Blood & Truth, as well as the PlayStation VR Worlds demo disc.

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