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Friendly fire in Helldivers 2: A lesson for COD and Apex Legends



Helldivers 2 stands out with its friendly fire and demonstrates just how successful this feature can be – setting a new standard for popular shooters.

Friendly fire has long been a controversial topic for most shooter games. On the one hand, it makes a game a little more authentic, but on the other hand, it opens up a new world for troublemakers and frustration. However, since the release of Helldivers 2, it has become clear that many shooter games could learn from its handling of such a controversial feature.

For Helldivers 2, friendly fire is a fundamental aspect. Because of this importance, it's hard to ignore how much shooter games can learn from the implementation and importance of this feature.

With the right implementation, friendly fire can be fun

LAS-16 weapon in Helldivers 2

Games like CS2, Call of Duty's hardcore modes, and Rainbow Six Siege have already incorporated friendly fire into their gameplay. Indeed, perhaps the most famous implementation of friendly fire is through Rainbow Six Siege.

Additionally, reverse friendly fire was also implemented, effectively punishing a player for shooting teammates too much with a bit of damage. This puts a damper on disruptors, while still applying the same level of care seen in Helldivers 2 and other similar friendly fire experiences.

This forces careful play and mastered tactics in what is otherwise an incredibly chaotic genre. So, players looking to get a more “ real » of the game can fully immerse themselves, with the repercussions of a missed shot or misdirection having consequences.

However, while friendly fire certainly implements an aspect many seek in some modern shooters, it's hard to ignore the impact of such a feature. On more than one occasion, Helldivers 2 saw an influx of ” grievers “, with many players complaining about being shot down right before mining for no good reason.

Additionally, the FPS genre doesn't always work with a more realistic friendly shooter style. For example, Overwatch 2 isn't necessarily about this realism and is more focused on cooperation, skill, and the use of Ultimates, which wouldn't work with a friendly fire setting. However, games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Apex Legends could benefit from such a feature.

Friendly fire in Helldivers 2 is an asset for future shooters

Modern Warfare 3 Operators

This feature may not work for all shooters, but, if implemented correctly, it could improve the experience for all players by adding an extra layer to an already detailed title.

If friendly fire were present in all of Call of Duty (outside of hardcore modes) then players would be more careful with their ammo, equipment, and arguably more immersed in each game they participate in. Sure, this would encourage troublemakers, but making it a team game, like Helldivers 2, where the entire team receives the same rewards despite their kill count, could promote teamwork more.

Naturally, such an element would be incredibly difficult to implement in some of the most popular shooter games. But, if there's one thing aspiring developers or players can take away from Helldivers 2, it's that friendly fire doesn't always have to be seen as a bad thing.

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