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FromSoftware won’t just make open world games after Elden Ring



Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware, once again spoke about Elden Ring and the lessons learned around the proposal. According to him, even though the title is a success, not every next game from the studio will be open world, this has not become a rule.

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In an interview with GameSpot, Miyazaki said that the experience gained with Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gave him a kind of comfort to try a different proposal. That whole feeling of delivering an unknown universe matched well with the initial ideas, and after discussions, it was decided to develop an open world.

Of course, there is also the side of adjusting the difficulty so that the discoveries are worthwhile and are not so aggressive to the players, but with elements capable of pointing out where it was necessary to evolve before moving forward.


That said, FromSoftware’s intention is to continue taking risks, even with Elden Ring’s open world being acclaimed. For Miyazaki, the feeling is this:

I wouldn’t necessarily say that open world will become the new basis or foundation or standard for the company. As I’ve kind of hinted at in previous answers, we have a lot of game directors and designers who are growing, so we’d love to keep an open mind in terms of the types of games we develop. So, of course, I can’t really say anything at this exact moment, but maybe when you see future announcements from FromSoftware you’ll look back at this point and think, “Ah, that’s what he meant.”

elden ringelden ring
Source: FromSoftware

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