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Future of Popular House of the Dragon Character Revealed, Fans ‘Devastated’



Fans of House of the Dragon say to themselves “devastated” while the creator of the series discussed the fate of one of the most popular characters from the first episode of season 2.

Season 2 of House of the Dragon has finally arrived, and the first episode already contains some great moments for the rest of the series derived from Game Of Thrones : between reintroduction into the universe of Westeros and shocking scenes, spectators had enough to be satisfied.

And while the finale of episode 1 kept its promises by offering a terrible sequence, the start of season 2 was also widely commented on on social networks. Because fans of Game Of Thrones greatly appreciated the passage of the Starks and the North in the history of the Targaryens.

It is indeed with an exchange between Jacaerys Velaryon and Cregan Stark that the new season of House of the Dragon. And one thing is certain: Cregan did not leave the spectators indifferent. And fortunately, because the character will have his role to play in the future of the series. In George RR Martin’s books, adapted by HBO, Cregan and the Starks are important to the events of the Dance of Dragons.

But their role only really takes on meaning later in the story. And that’s where the problem lies: in an Entertainment Weekly interview, the creator of House of the Dragon Ryan Condal confirmed that despite Cregan’s future importance in the rest of the story, he would no longer appear in season 2. To see the Lord of the North again, you will have to wait for season 3 – which has already been announced.

Anyone who has read the books knows that he plays a role in the Dance of Dragons. I would love to see Tom (Taylor) again. We really enjoyed working with him, but I think we need to let the story move forward a little bit and see where it takes us.

Cregan Stark not expected to appear for remainder of House of the Dragon season 2 / ‘it was just a bit of a tease at this point’

An announcement that will not have lacked “devastate” fans at the idea of ​​never seeing the character again: “Hearing that northern accent was so calming and cathartic. We demand more Stark“, wrote a user on X/Twitter.

To which another user added: “It was so cool to come back to Winterfell. The music and the castle and then seeing the wall… it takes me back lol.

A feeling visibly shared by actor Tom Taylor, who plays Cregan Stark, also declaring to Entertainment Weekly: “I just wanted to do more… I was in a costume. I just wanted to keep playing.”

Season 2 of House of the Dragon started on June 17, 2024 on Max in France. And to not miss anything about the rest of the series, you can consult the episode release schedule.

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