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Game in the Titanfall universe may be in early stages



Respawn may be working on a game set in the Titanfall universe. The title, still in the early stages of production, would be an unprecedented project and would not continue the second game in the franchise.

According to journalist Jeff Grubb (via Game Mess Mornings), the title is in development by a “very small team” led by executive Vince Zampella. It would be under the leadership of Steve Fukuda, director of the first two games, who would have the mission of finding “something new”.


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According to the insider, the title has entered a new prototyping phase. It consists of a broader stage, where the project stops being just a concept and becomes something “real”. Despite this, it would not fail to integrate the very early stages of production.


This game, from what I understand, is a 'Titanfall game', it is in the universe of the franchise. But everyone I talk to keeps saying 'don't think of it as Titanfall 3' as a game with online multiplayer and a solo campaign. I'm like, 'so what is it, what is this game?'. I still do not know.

Insider does not rule out returning to the idea of ​​Titanfall 3

Grubb also suggests that a third game in the franchise would not be completely ruled out by Respawn. According to him, the company could “discover a way to make this happen”, without necessarily betting on the introduction of an unprecedented IP.

Furthermore, at some point Electronic Arts even worked on the game, even to the point of transferring the content to Apex Legends. Thus, with the “rug pulled out from under it”, a return to the series’ canon would be “very unlikely”, although nothing has been permanently ruled out.

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