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Game of Thrones: the $30 million pilot of the canceled spin-off gets a preview



The series supposed to succeed Game Of Thrones, Bloodmoonwas canceled five years ago after the creation of an expensive pilot – but images with Naomi Watts have just emerged on the web.

Game Of Thrones has long reigned over series, and rightly so: HBO production has successfully adapted the dark fantasy novels of George RR Martin, and despite a season 8 provoking very mixed reactions, fans remained present for the spin-off House of the Dragon.

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However, before the Targaryens, there were other contenders for the return of the medieval fantasy universe to the small screens. Series Bloodmoon was intended to depict the events of the Long Night, but was quickly canceled. Not quickly enough, however, to avoid paying an astronomical sum for the pilot: no less than 30 million dollars for a single episode!

Five years later, it was thanks to the on-set makeup artist that images emerged on the Internet, revealing a first glimpse of the canceled spin-off series.

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The canceled spin-off of Game Of Thrones, Bloodmoonreveals a first glimpse

At the time, Flora Moody was the personal hair and makeup technician for Naomi Watts and her character, for Bloodmoon and its pilot episode. In any case, this is what emerged from recent publications on her Instagram account, when she presented various photos and videos coming directly from the film set.

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In his Instagram post, the artist comments: “Naomi Watts for 'Bloodmoon' which unfortunately did not make it to the screen. Disappointed that the opportunity to pursue hair and makeup for Naomi's character was cut short! But great crew, wonderful cast and great time filming in Belfast 5 years ago

The pilot episode would have revolved around a marriage between Houses Stark and Casterly, taking place at Casterly Rock. Naomi Watts was set to lead the cast of the spinoff, which would have also featured the rising star of Stranger ThingsJamie Campbell Bower, after his captivating performance in season four.

Later, Robert Greenblatt, one of the executives of HBO and Warner Media, explained to The Hollywood Reporter that the cancellation of the spin-off series was in no way linked to its quality: “It wasn't hard to watch or horrible or anything like that. It was very well produced, and very spectacular. But it didn't transport me like the original series did. It lacked the depth and richness that was in the first series pilot.”

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HAS Bloodmoonwe then preferred another derived series: House of the Dragonseason 2 of which will soon be released.

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