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Game of Thrones with samurai: this -18 series starts with record ratings



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Shōgun has just been released, and the criticism is unanimous: the samurai series, not recommended for sensitive souls, is faultless.

It has almost become a fashion: since the exceptional success of the series Game Of Thrones, everyone is trying to launch THE production capable of replacing the epic adapted from the novels of George RR Martin. Over the past few years, we have had a series of ambitious programs, but nothing seems to be able to take the throne.

Except that the latest work seems to have every chance. In any case, this is what the criticisms of Shōgun, a series seeking to follow characters in the most authentic feudal Japan possible. No knights here, but samurai. But they are just as dangerous, using both blades and shenanigans.

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Shōgun begins its broadcast with perfect notes

Series Shōgun revealed its first two episodes, and obtained a perfect score of 100% upon its release on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

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And according to the public score of 96% when this article was written, the score is not stolen! The story which is based on the novel of the same name by James Clavell has by far satisfied the first critics, taking its spectators to a ruthless feudal Japan thanks to the actors Hiroyuki Sanada (Westworld), Cosmo Jarvis (The Shadow of Violence), Anna Sawai (Monarch: Legacy of Monsters) or even Nestor Carbonell (Good Doctor).

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The official summary on Disney+, responsible for broadcasting the episodes in France, presents the series in this way: “Destiny converges in Japan after a barbarian ship runs aground in a poor fishing village. Meanwhile, in Osaka, Lord Toranaga is forced to submit to his enemies.

The Independent's review argues that, of all the series vying for the title of “next Game of Thrones“, FX “might just have a winner” with Shōgun. On the Variety side, we talk about “the most catchy television epic since Game of Thrones.”

In France, Shōgun will release new episodes every Tuesday on Disney+.

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