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gamescom latam will reveal the Brazilian console GF1 Neptune



GamesCare announced the GF1 Neptune, a video game console entirely developed in Brazil. It combines the capabilities of classic Mega Drive and 32X hardware into a single device, offering full compatibility with accessories such as the Sega CD.

The video game will be presented during gamescom latam on Sunday, June 30th, starting at 12:50 pm (Brasília time) directly from the Quest stage.

The GF1 Neptune is designed to bring back the nostalgia of the golden era of one of the most beloved video games of all time. Compatible with Mega Drive and 32X cartridges, it provides an authentic gameplay, sound and graphics experience, thanks to its Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) hardware reconstruction technology.

gf1 neptunegf1 neptune
Source: GamesCare

More details about the GF1 Neptune

  • HDMI connection with 1080 progressive line resolution and digital audio.
  • SD card slot, facilitating updates and media storage.
  • High-speed wireless internet connection for access to exclusive features and content.
  • Connection port to original Sega CD hardware and future peripherals.
  • High quality analog sound and video output for the most demanding gamers.

There is still no defined release date, more news about GF1 Neptune will be revealed soon, during the special presentation at gamescom latam 2024.

gf1 neptunegf1 neptune
Source: GamesCare

The national studio Versão Ltda is developing a new game that will be revealed at the event. Furthermore, the console will allow the purchase of digital games through an online store, offering exclusive titles already in production.

Tickets on sale for gamescom latam 2024

The biggest gaming event in the world, which is now coming to Latin America, already has tickets on sale.

There are tickets for gamescom latam 2024 for single visits on Thursday (27), Friday (28), Saturday (29) or Sunday (30) or the ticket combo valid for 4 days of the event (Thursday to Sunday).

The price for single days is R$150 for the full price, with half-price for R$75, and the combo is for R$530 for the full price and R$265 for half-price. To find out more about prices and guarantee your entry, visit the official website.

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