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Gearbox would be sold by Embracer Group in March



Embracer Group is undergoing a significant restructuring: the Swedish conglomerate has already laid off 8% of its large number of employees in just six months. And as part of this new phase, the company seems to want to get rid of more expenses. After Bloomberg stated today (29) that the publisher is selling Saber Interactive for US$500 million, Gearbox Software will now be negotiated.

The news is from Kotaku. According to the vehicle, CEO Randy Pitchford met with his team and said that the future of the studio would be defined in March. Months ago, he had been telling his developers that three scenarios surrounded the production company: remaining with the Embracer Group, being sold or acquiring independence.

Pitchford also sent a statement to the portal to clarify the matter. Read:

I'm glad that maybe we have something interesting enough for you (Kotaku) to do a story on us for your readers. I am honored that our company is the subject of rumors, speculation and discussion. As always, we'll share projects or announce news when we have it.

It hasn't been long since Gearbox became part of the “Embracer family”. In 2021, the studio was acquired for an incredible $1.3 billion. Among his works are Counter-Strike, Brothers in Arms, Duke Nukem, Aliens and, of course, the most famous of all: the Borderlands series.

In addition to Gearbox, Embracer is also selling Saber Interactive

Embracer Group is close to making one of its biggest moves during the already announced restructuring period. A Bloomberg report points out that Saber Interactive will be sold for US$500 million and will continue working on the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Find out more here!

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