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Gears of War E-Day: everything we know about the prequel



Gears of War: E-Day is an upcoming prequel set years before the original game in the franchise, so here’s everything you need to know.

Besides Halo, Gears of War has always been one of the biggest exclusive franchises for the big green machine, Xbox. The original trilogy was acclaimed by critics and fans, with many crediting it as a driving force for the cover-based shooter gameplay that has infiltrated the video game industry over the past few decades.

After Epic Games left the franchise, The Coalition took control of all things Gears, with Gears of War 5 in 2019 marking a major return for the franchise.

But since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a new Gears of War game, and now it’s here with the Xbox Showcase revealing that the developers have decided to go back in time by developing a new prequel.


Gears of War E-Day: Plot Details

Dom in Gears of War E-Day

Dom is back in Gears of War: E-Day

The Gears of War franchise takes a step back with E-Day, going back even further than the original game.

Fans of the Gears franchise will recognize the importance of Emergence Day (E-Day) in Gears lore and will therefore know what the game will likely entail.

Emergence Day, also known as E-Day, is the time when the Locust Horde emerged from its underground hive and began the decades-long war against humanity.

In an Xbox blog post published after the game’s initial reveal, Gears of War E-Day is described as “an origin story that depicts the horror of the Locust invasion on Emergence Day through the eyes of by Marcus Fenix.”

While we can confirm that Marcus Fenix ​​and Dom Santiago will appear in the game, no other plot details have been revealed.

Gears of War E-Day: casting

John Di Maggio is expected to return and once again lend his voice to Marcus Fenix. However, the rest of the cast is yet to be confirmed or revealed.

His French voice, however, remains a mystery for the moment since José Luccioni who played the character died in 2022.

Gears of War E-Day: Unreal Engine 5

Marcus Fenix ​​and a locust in Gears of War E-Day

Gears of War: E-Day is developed under Unreal Engine 5

The fact that this new Gears is a prequel totally excited fans, but some players became even more interested when they got confirmation that the game was being developed on Unreal Engine 5.

Advances in Unreal Engine 5 offer considerable technical capabilities“, explained Kate Rayner, technical director of The Coalition studio, in an Xbox blog post.

The original ‘Mad World’ trailer made an impact using footage from the engine. We’re taking this even further with Unreal Engine 5“, Rayner continues. “Our goal with the announcement trailer was to highlight our commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and technology in gaming.

Gears of War E-Day: trailer

As part of the Xbox Showcase, the first official trailer for Gears of War: E-Day was revealed. You can find it below:

And that’s everything we know so far about Gears of War: E-Day.

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