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Gears of War on PlayStation is being considered (rumor)



Gears of War no PlayStation

Jeff Grubb, journalist for the Giant Bomb website, proved to be a highly reliable source for the gaming industry by previously announcing several announcements. Now, once again, he has brought a bombshell: in the future, Microsoft may release Gears of War on PlayStation.

Since last Sunday (05), several exclusive games from the North American company have been rumored for the PS5 — such as Starfield, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves — catching the attention of people on the internet and here in the comments section of MyPS. Now the buzz is this:

The other one that I've heard is definitely under consideration – doesn't mean it's going to happen, but it's in negotiation – is Gears of War. Gears of War is being considered for that.

The Gears of War franchise, very popular on Xbox and PC, features five main games where the player is responsible for an elite group that needs to eliminate beings from another planet and protect humanity. The focus of the gameplay is to shoot these creatures and advance through the stages.

Gears of War on PlayStation is still a rumor

Grubb has a high hit rate, but a lot of caution at this point. Many may be excited about the possible arrival of Gears of War on PlayStation, however, it is not an official source from the companies. Wait for Microsoft and Sony to speak out — until then, this is all mere rumors.

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