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Ghosthunter and Daxter arrive on PS Plus Deluxe with platinum



PS Plus Deluxe will receive a new batch of games in the next few hours for the Classics Catalog. Once again, the ports of the games chosen to appear on the most expensive level of the service will have platinum trophies to be won throughout the gameplay.

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This time, the chosen ones were Ghosthunter and Daxter. The trophies division looked like this:

  • Ghosthunter — Players will need to complete 21 objectives and defeat a series of bosses to complete the campaign. According to the portal How Long To Beat, it takes around ten hours to complete this story mode;
  • Daxter — A little more packed in terms of content and missions, Daxter has 43 trophies to be won. Even with a shorter campaign length than Ghosthunter, with approximately eight hours, the title has many minigames and challenges with collectibles;

So far, the websites that track ports for PS4 and PS5 have not indicated any achievements for LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, the game that closes the trio of June classics for PS Plus Deluxe. Do you intend to platinum the others?

Six games leave PS Plus Extra and Deluxe in July

Speaking of PS Plus Extra and Deluxe, Sony has already announced the next games to leave the service’s Games and Classics Catalog. Click this link to check it out!

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