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Go Retro! Indika has “Freira do Capeta” and arrives on May 8th



Imagine a nun who made a pact with the devil and ended up gaining super powers? This is the environment shown by Indika, a new third-person adventure game that will arrive on May 8th on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

The reveal of the release date arrived alongside a trailer full of narrative details at the 2024 Future Games Show. It all starts in the Garden of Eden, when a woman eats an apple and… a chaotic atmosphere takes over the title. Check it out below:

“On the outside, Indika appears to be an ordinary nun, trying to adjust to a difficult and monotonous life at the monastery, but don't be fooled by this young girl's humble and innocent appearance, for she has made an extremely unlikely friendship: she talks to the devil himself .”

More about Indika, the game about the nun who turned her coat

Indika is set in a parallel version of 19th century Russia, where you control a nun on the run.

  • Experience a third-person adventure game that combines a creative story with a dark sense of humor.
  • Join young nun Indika on her journey of self-discovery.
  • Meet the devil himself as Indika's unlikely traveling companion.
  • Travel through surreal Russian landscapes seen through the lens of a distorted mirror.
  • Uncover the depths of Indika's soul as you face unique puzzle elements.

Your mission in the game is to complete this odyssey and help the nun understand her purpose in life. This is a creation of Odd Meter and the topic covered is promising, don't you think?

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