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God of War Ragnarok for PC for PC should take a while to come out



As the first game in the God of War reboot arrived on computers to much praise, there is great anticipation for the sequel. However, God of War Ragnarok for PC is not expected to be released anytime soon. According to the insider silknigththe port of Kratos and Atreus' second adventure should not happen until at least the beginning of 2025.

According to the profile, 2024 will be dedicated to two major PlayStation Studios games making this transition: Ghost of Tsushima, which arrives in May, and The Last of Us Part II, which has not yet had an official announcement for the platform, but is coming being widely speculated. Anyway, not bad, right?

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Especially taking into account the great moment that Steam has been experiencing. Over the last few weekends, the service has been breaking record after record in terms of players connected simultaneously. The biggest peak recorded so far was more than 36 million users – and no one doubts that it could be surpassed again soon.

God of War Ragnarok for PC next year?

The president of Sony has already promised to be more aggressive about launching its console exclusives on computers as well, so it is a natural path to imagine a God of War Ragnarok for PC soon. Now we just have to wait for an official announcement and the arrival of 2025.

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