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Gotham Knights studio works on unannounced AAA



WB Games Montreal, the studio responsible for the game Gotham Knights, is working on a new game. In a recent job offer posted on the internet, the company showed interest in a creative director to run the project of a yet-to-be-announced AAA.

The name of the title was obviously kept confidential, but the company said it was a game involved with an important franchise. Check out how the vacancy was shared on the website:

Vacancy at the Gotham Knights studio

As our Creative Director, you will play an essential role in defining and executing the vision for a popular franchise in the interactive AAA space. In this role, you will lead a project's core team and inspire teammates and stakeholders by providing guidance during the prototyping and production phase while driving innovation and quality. Additionally, you will be jointly responsible with the Executive Producer for representing the game to WB's top executives and presenting the game internally and externally.

After Gotham Knights, what will this super important franchise be delivered to the Montreal studio, huh?

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Gotham Knights studio also worked on Suicide Squad game

WB Games Montreal also worked on a Suicide Squad game, but the project was ultimately transferred to Rocksteady. Understand this story better by clicking this link!

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