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GTA 6 fans convinced they already guessed the game's ending



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GTA 6 fans convinced they already guessed the game39s ending

GTA 6 fans are convinced they've already found part of the game's ending, given that Rockstar appears to have repurposed a recurring character aspect in its designs.

For a long time, Rockstar Games and Take-Two maintained absolute secrecy regarding GTA 6, not even confirming its name. They had simply revealed that they were working on a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Fast forward to 2024, and we've already had the first trailer for the game, which introduced us to Jason and Lucia, as well as Leonida's state, and a modern version of Vice City.

With the game not releasing until 2025 and not yet having a date for a second trailer, fans continue to look for their own clues. And it looks like they found one that probably portends bad news for Jason.

GTA 6 fans convinced they know what happens to Jason

Looking back at the trailer's screenshots, Redditor jericho681 noted that Jason has a scar on the left side of his face. This detail is eerily similar to beloved Red Dead Redemption players: Arthur Morgan and John Martson.

If you haven't played the Red Dead Redemption games – but why? – the spoiler alert here is that both male leads ultimately die at the end. And GTA fans now believe Jason will suffer the same fate.

I really have a feeling he or Lucia will die in the end said one fan. “ One of the endings will surely be like the death of Bonnie & Clyde », added another. “ Honestly, I have a feeling the ending will be similar to RDR2. We will have to choose a side and a trust system will affect the final choice as well “, commented a third.

Other fans have pointed out that this is also present for other Rockstar characters in GTA, with Trevor and Johnny Klebitz having similar facial features.

Sure, you had the option to keep Trevor alive in GTA V, but Johnny was brutally stomped to death when we were first introduced to Trevor. So, let's hope things go better for Jason in GTA 6.

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